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Injection mold processed into plastic products process

Injection mold processed into plastic products process

1. Heating, pre-plasticization

Screw driven by the drive system, the material from the hopper forward transport, compaction, in the barrel heater, screw and barrel shear, the role of mixing friction, the material gradually melted in the cylinder head Department has accumulated a certain amount of molten plastic, under the pressure of the melt, the screw slowly back. The receding distance is adjusted by the amount required for one injection of the metering device. When the predetermined injection volume is reached, the screw stops rotating and retracting.

2. Clamping and locking

The clamping mechanism pushes the mold plate and the movable mold part of the mold installed on the movable mold plate and the movable mold part of the movable mold plate to be clamped and locked so as to ensure sufficient clamping force during molding to lock the mold.

3. The injection device moves forward

When the mold is completed, the entire injection seat is pushed forward, so that the injection nozzle and the mold gate full fit.

4. Injection, packing

After the mold clamping and the nozzle completely fit the mold, the injection hydraulic cylinder enters the high-pressure oil to push the screw to move forward relative to the cylinder, and the melt accumulated in the head of the cylinder is injected with sufficient pressure into the cavity of the mold. As the temperature decreases, To shrink the volume of plastic, plastic parts in order to ensure the compactness, dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties, the mold cavity to be maintained within the melt pressure to supplement the material.

5. Pressure relief

When the mold gate at the melt when frozen, you can pressure relief.

6 injection device back

In general, the pressure relief is completed, the screw can be rotated back to complete the next feeding, pre-plasticization process. (The existing injection injection under normal circumstances, the withdrawal of the injection mold from the main gate of the mold this action has been canceled, the more serious formation of saliva material such as PA perform this action).

7. Open the mold, the top plastic

After the mold cavity plastic parts by cooling stereotypes, the mold clamping mechanism, and the introduction of mold plastic parts.

Since then, a complete plastic products will be completed, of course, most of the subsequent plastic parts will need to go through the injection, silk screen, bronzing, laser engraving, and other auxiliary processes, and then with other products assembled together, and finally form a The complete product, will eventually reach the hands of consumers.

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Copyright © 2018 Copyright © Yonwoo  Precision Mold Technology Co., Ltd..All Rights Reserved